对于有ESS的客户,您可以直接进入 http://lbmc.evolutionpayroll.com/ess. If you have a question about how to access your pay stub, email eppayroll@11006.net.

让我们面对现实吧:有效的工资管理应该是每个雇主的首要任务,无论大小. And while payroll can consume a lot of time and attention for employers, 与值得信赖的工资单提供商合作可以帮助您专注于运营和扩展业务,从而节省时间.

LBMC就业伙伴提供用户友好, 菜单驱动的, and secure payroll solutions that require no special hardware or complicated training, 让明升体育app下载客户生活更轻松.

明升体育app下载系统节省了宝贵的管理时间, and a designated payroll representative is available to answer questions. 工资 data can easily flow into your accounting system, 所有的税务申报要求都是为您管理的. 您可以轻松地从每天24小时可用的实时数据中生成自己的特殊报告.

LBMC EP致力于帮助雇主保持工资管理的最高标准. 明升体育app下载工资单专家可以帮助您及时有效地处理复杂的工资单处理, 让你和你的员工快乐和高效.


冬青Robitaille, 明升体育app下载工资组组长, 始终如一地提供世界一流的客户服务, 以坚定的耐心及时处理和解决各种与工资有关的问题. Regardless of the complexity or repetition of my inquiries, 霍莉的奉献精神和专业精神贯穿始终, making her a real asset to LBMC and an invaluable member of our team.
Vice 总统 of Business Development and Investor Relations at a non-profit organization.
LBMC EP提供了一种新鲜感, 通过其对正常业务过程中出现的各种人力资源情况的雇佣相关法规的了解,从第三方的角度出发. Their partnership allows our team to focus on day-to-day responsibilities, improving workflow by providing insight on best practices for ongoing employee relationships.
沟通 & 田纳西州一家非营利组织的市场拓展协调员

LBMC EP工资单服务的好处








在我以前的公司,我们在内部处理工资. We always had so many questions, week in and week out, and it tended to really bog us down. 有了LBMC EP,一切都得到了无缝的照顾. 每个人每周都有可靠的报酬. We don’t have to worry; we know that someone is taking care of it for us. Being with LBMC EP, payroll is something that we haven’t had to put our energy into. We prefer to utilize local businesses whenever we are able because we believe in 纳什维尔. We want to give back to our community, and LBMC EP allows us that freedom.
优秀的客户服务和丰富的人力资源知识是其他公司应该考虑与LBMC EP合作的两个主要原因. 他们还可以有效地将自己的工资系统与你的系统结合起来,以确保在过渡期间工作顺利进行. 他们改善了明升体育app下载业务流程,使明升体育app下载公司符合人力资源法规,并通过准备纳税表格和在必要时向我们提供开立新税务账户所需的信息,为明升体育app下载员工节省了大量时间.
在寻找一名工资单处理员时,我想找一家注重服务的公司. 能够与人交谈对我来说很重要,因为这也是我为客户提供的服务. 我希望明升体育app下载工资单提供商也能做到这一点. Since we have been with LBMC就业伙伴 when I have a question or an issue, I can call my person and I know if she doesn’t know the answer, 她知道谁需要,而且能很快拿到. 这就是我们想要的关系. 我们要确保照顾好明升体育app下载客户, 我们要确保我们带来的伙伴关系, 和合作伙伴, 同意,我也有同感. We need them to have the same integrity and business process as us and LBMC does.
会计 Manager/HR Manager at a 纳什维尔 travel agency
由于州和联邦资金的变化, 我决定把我的承包商当作全职员工,并需要提供工资和医疗保健. 我不知道该怎么做. My initial meeting with LBMC就业伙伴 made me feel at ease, 因为我以前从未经历过这个过程. The health insurance is very reasonable, and the customer service is always solid. They helped take the worry and angst out of payroll and healthcare benefits management. 如果你正在寻找薪资或人力资源服务提供商,那就选择LBMC,永远不要回头. 这家公司和它的员工都很好.
总统 & 田纳西州一家非营利组织的首席执行官



  • 准确和及时的工资处理
  • 报告时间与易于使用的电子表格
  • Availability to Review Entire 工资 Register with Totals Prior to Processing
  • 检查打印(或直接存款)和分发选项添加个性化的消息给员工
  • 实时数据的临时报告功能
    • 报告库
    • 报告作者
    • 可用的自定义应用程序
  • Time Clock Interface and Time Clock Solution (at a separate discounted rate)
    • UKG准备好了
  • 保留工资历史记录
  • ssae兼容
  • 员工自助服务(单独折扣价)


  • 提交联邦,州和地方纳税申报表
  • 所有工资税的计算和存放
  • 快速回应税务查询
  • w -2和1099的加工和印刷
  • 新员工报告


  • 总帐报告和下载
  • General Ledger Interface (Subject to System Requirements)
  • 检查登记和对账报告


在纳什维尔选择最好的工资单供应商, 田纳西州, it can be hard to know what services to review and consider. 有时, it might appear that all payroll services are offering the same thing, 但在选择工资单提供商时,公司应该牢记一些考虑因素.

大多数工资服务提供商提供高质量的服务,但也有一些人不把客户放在第一位. 每年, 美国国税局看到一些工资服务提供商没有提交客户的工资税,然后突然关闭. This leaves the client legally responsible for paying the taxes due, 即使他们已经主动将资金发送给工资服务提供商以获得所需的存款或付款. 雇主需要了解他们的工资和就业税责任,并选择一个值得信赖的工资服务.

1. 找一家包含工资税的公司

Paying employees is only a small part of what companies need to do when processing payroll. 计算和归档工资税是任何企业最复杂和最重要的人力资源任务之一. 工资税不仅耗时,而且错误可能导致美国国税局的巨额罚款. It makes common sense to outsource payroll taxes when also 外包工资 processing. 纳什维尔的公司应该寻找一个全面的工资供应商,它在正确和及时提交工资税方面有着值得信赖的声誉.

2. 选择一家懂技术的公司

一些工资单服务使用陈旧或过时的软件和用户友好的网络工具. 无论你选择哪个工资外包公司, 确保它使用最新的软件,可以很容易地与公司的人力资源系统集成. 拥有更好技术的工资单服务也更容易意识到存储在工资单软件中的敏感数据的安全威胁. Find a company that takes their technology and security seriously.

3. 找一个有省时工具的服务

A lot of information goes into payroll processing and taxes, but some software programs have made it easier to collect, track, 获取这些信息. 寻找一个有计时工具的工资单提供商, 在线注册工具, and employee self-serve will save your company time and money.

4. 优先考虑客户服务

好的工资单软件非常重要. But, sometimes, you will need or want to talk to an actual person. 确保你的工资服务提供商有一个客户支持团队,可以指导你完成最初的过渡,并回答未来几年的问题.

5. 选择一家能和你一起成长的公司

的主要好处 外包工资 腾出时间来发展你的业务吗. 当增长真的发生时, you need a payroll service that can scale up to accommodate additional employees and services. Make sure to find a payroll service with a clear pricing structure. This will help avoid any potential surprises as your service increases.

6. 寻找当地的工资外包供应商

如果你是田纳西州的企业,你应该在田纳西州找到一个工资单服务. 这不仅允许面对面的协作, but local providers are more aware of laws that will directly affect your business. 工资法在不断变化, and local providers are the most aware of changes in the areas in which they are based. For a list of recommended CPEO providers by the IRS, see their CPEO公开上市 在国税局.政府.

7. 考虑外包其他人力资源服务

Some payroll outsourcing companies also offer other HR services. 专业雇主组织(peo)可以在一组其他人力资源管理服务中包括工资处理和税收. If you’re already considering 外包工资, it might make sense to 外包其他人力资源工作 也.


The IRS recommended a couple of payroll provider options in a recent 帮助企业防范欺诈的税务提示. 选项如下:

  • 认证专业雇主组织(PEO). 在大多数情况下, certified PEOs are liable for paying the customer’s employment taxes, 申报, 并为与工资和其他报酬有关的税收进行存款和支付. 雇主可以在他们的网站上找到这些供应商 公开上市 国税局网页.政府.
  • 报告代理. 报告代理s must deposit a client’s taxes using the 电子联邦纳税系统 and can exchange information with the IRS on behalf of a client, such as to resolve an issue. They are also required to provide clients a written statement reminding the employer that it, 而不是报告代理人, is ultimately responsible for the timely filing of returns and payment of taxes.

防止欺诈, 美国国税局鼓励雇主注册EFTPS,并确保其工资服务提供商使用EFTPS进行税收存款. 这是一项免费服务,当雇主根据雇主识别号码进行存款时,雇主可以安全便捷地在线访问他们的支付历史, 使他们能够监控他们的工资服务提供商是否履行其税收存款责任.

LBMC雇佣伙伴有限责任公司, is 田纳西州’s premier payroll service provider, with options for every business size. 我们是第一家在第一轮国税局认证中获得认证专业就业组织(CPEO)称号的田纳西州PEO. To learn more about our payroll services and/or our PEO services, contact us today.


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